First, welcome to the new launch of this site! It’s been a long time coming, but finally, here’s a space to post my pictures, video, music, and celebrate drumming with anyone who wants to join in! This blog isn’t just going to be about what I’m up to, but all of the cool things I see and hear, other amazing musicians, and people who inspire me. I’ve just recently finished a handful of dates with an amazing new band called Trapper, the creation of the amazingly talented duo, Sean Kelly and Emm Gryner, opening for Def Leppard. The band has a new EP out called “Go for the Heart”, (get it here on iTunes), where I shared the drumming duties with the amazing Dave Betts of Honey Moon Suite. Look for more Trapper dates upcoming! In a few weeks I’ll have the pleasure of doing a few shows with Carole Pope, along with my long time friends Sean Kelly on Bass, Tim Welch on guitar. Rob Preuss from the Spoons will be joining us on keys for the show at Dundas Square on June 28th!

I’ll also be writing some article posts, possibly a bimonthly series offering my tips, advice, and opinions on a range of topics of interest to the up and coming and younger players (or, not so younger? 😉 ), starting with a post on being prepared for touring. You can subscribe to my newsletter that’ll send out every couple months that will feature the latest of these articles, found either in the sidebar here near the top, or at the bottom of the main home page.

Happy drumming!

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